Northern Illinois Steam Power Club

Safety and General Rules


General Visitor Information:
1.      Sorry, NO Pets Allowed
          2.      Golf carts, ATV’s and like equipment are not allowed on the grounds. Personal electric scooters for those with disabilities are of course allowed. There are no golf carts available for rent or use by the Club.

Safety Rules:

1.                 Safety is of the utmost concern to all of us in the Club. All persons who own or operate power equipment during the show must attend at least one safety meeting. Safety meetings are held each day of the show at 10:00 AM in front of the bleachers.


2.                 Must display a safety ribbon while operating said equipment.


3.                 Only members of the NISPC are covered by our liability insurance. Non-members are personally liable for any incident or accident in which they are involved.


          4.                 Each operator will be given a copy of the “Safety Rules” at the safety meeting that must be followed



1.                 Exhibitors will park their vehicles in a designated parking area.

2.                 Trailers will be parked in a designated parking area.


3.       Cease operation of all engines by 8:00 PM

4.       Other than Parade participation, tractor operations are prohibited between 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM on the Parade route.


5.                 Exhibitors are encouraged to bring any equipment manufactured prior to 1960


Camp Ground Rules:

1.                 Camp grounds are available for members only.


2.                 All campers must register at the Camp Ground Director’s Station located near the Whipple Rd. entrance on the northwest corner of the grounds.


3.                 Alcohol is permitted at your camp site only. Alcohol is not allowed anywhere else on the grounds. NO operating of any motorized vehicle with opened alcohol containers.


4.                 Pets will be allowed but must be kept in the camp ground area only, Pets must be leashed & owners must immediately clean up after their pets.


5.                 Golf carts and similar vehicles are for handicapped use only. Joy riding is prohibited. Golf carts must be registered and will be issued an authorized tag. You must provide proof of insurance & display your show tag.


6.                 Quiet time from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.


7.                 Each camper to clean up their own camp site. Wrap all garbage in plastic bags & place it in dumpsters.


8.                 No digging of fire pits allowed at your campsite or on the camp grounds.


9.                 Camp grounds will be open one week prior to show and will close one week after the show. Electric will be turned on & off during this time. Early arrivals that plug into electric may be subject to a fee of $10 per day. There is no storage of campers in buildings or on the grounds.


10.             Fees:  Tent Camping $10 for all four days of the show; Camper Trailer or Motor Home Camper $10 per day - electric and water hook-ups provided. 



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