The Vilter Tandem-Compound Corliss Steam Engine

and Ammonia Compressor

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Kewanee Boiler
Engine & Compressor
Compressor  Side
Engine Crank
Crank- Compressor Side

The Vilter Engine Number 619231

Manufacturer:            The Vilter Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Year Built:                 1920
Built for:                    United States Glue Company, Carrollville, Wisconsin
Purpose:                    Refrigeration Plant

    Engine Type:         Tandem Compound
    Horsepower:          250
    Valve Type:           Corliss Valves on High and Low Pressure Cylinders
    Cylinder Size:
        High Pressure:    12" Bore  X  36" Stroke
        Low Pressure:    22" Bore  X  36" Stroke

Refrigeration Compressor:
    Drive:                        Direct, Common Crankshaft with Engine
    Compressor Capacity: 89 Tons, (1,068,000 Btu's),  (313 Kw)
    Compressor Size:       14" Bore  X  28" Stroke
    Refrigerant type:        Ammonia, (R-717),  (NH3)

    Cylinders:                7 1/2 Tons
    Flywheel:                 8 Tons
    Crankshaft:              2 Tons
    Compressor:            14 1/2 Tons
    Engine Frame:          8 Tons
        Total Weight:               40 Tons

Click here to learn more about the Corliss Valve

The Engine was last run in the early 1970's

Thanks to Jim Walgreen for this generous donation

The Kewanee Stationary Boiler
This boiler powers the Vilter engine and other Stationary equipment at the Show


Manufacturer:    Kewanee Boiler Company,  Kewanee, Illinois.
Year Built:         1952
Built for:            Casad Army Engineer's Depot at New Haven, Indiana
Type:                Fire Tube, HRT (Horizontal Return Tube), Locomotive type firebox boiler.
Firing method:    Coal,  by hand
Length overall:   17' 7 1/2"

    Diameter:                 78"
    Longitudinal Seam:   Quadruple riveted butt joint with a design efficiency of  94.1%.
    Plate thickness:        .625  When built. Thinnest spot found by ultrasonic inspection in 1999 was .610.

    Direct fire tubes: 101,  6' 11 3/8" Long
    Return tubes:      88  15' 91/2" Long
    Tube Diameter:    3"

Total heating surface:         1786 square feet.

Theoretical Burst Pressure:  635 P.S.I. With a safety factor of 5 this boiler when new had a
                                                          maximum allowable working pressure of 125 P.S.I.
Current Working Pressure:  The State of Illinois allows us 120 P.S.I.

Total Weight:     Approximately 31,000 pounds.

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